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At Home

Educate those around you

  • Educate family (including siblings, cousins, grandparents), friends and babysitters.
  • Know what the food allergens are, how to avoid them and how to treat a reaction (including how to use an adrenaline injector)
  • Consider purchasing an adrenaline injector trainer to allow you and family/friends to regularly practise

Reducing the risk 

The strategies you choose to help manage the risk of an allergic reaction may change depending on the age and level of understanding of the person with food allergy. 


Read ingredient labels every time a food is purchased.


Wash and dry your hands before preparing food.

Storing food

Keep foods in their original packaging where possible.


Use hot soapy water to clean kitchen equipment.

Ingredient substitution tool

The ingredient substitution tool can be used to find alternative ingredients that can be used instead of the allergen containing ingredients. For example if the allergen you are avoiding is egg, you can use a commercial egg replacer or other alternatives such as baking powder and vinegar. 

Content updated October 2021